To Like or Not to Like? That is the Question.

Today, a personal rant:

I am feeling very conflicted about “liking” Facebook pages that are recommended to me by my friends. Since that person is my friend, naturally I want to support what they’re supporting, especially because often these Pages are promoting new businesses they’ve started. But what to do when that Page really has nothing at all to do with me, or my interests? If I “like” the Page, then theoretically I will be seeing updates from them on a regular basis… updates that, frankly, I don’t really care about. Does it matter?

For example, a former colleague of mine started this incredible non-profit for autistic children. I’m thrilled for her, and it goes without saying that I support what she’s doing. But the fact is, I don’t have any children. And of the children I do know, none are autistic. But now I am seeing her daily posts about autism. While I appreciate being kept aware of the issue and her efforts to deal with it, it’s probably not something that I will engage with directly.

Or how about the wine bar that my friend runs in Alaska? I live in New York. And honestly, I don’t see myself getting to Alaska anytime soon. Yet now I know all about the new tapas on their menu (a menu I’ll probably never get to order off of). And the featured wine tonight. And the jazz quartet that’s playing there on Saturday.

Oh, and this is a good one: The band that my friend’s son is in. The music isn’t at all my style (I’m more of a Stevie Wonder girl than a Marilyn Manson one). I’m happy to know that he’s going on tour… but his songs that he keeps posting for download? I don’t think so. Not in this lifetime.

So the question is: Do you “like” a page just to show mere support for someone, whether or not it’s truly of interest to you? And then ignore all the updates you see thereafter? Or do I you “like” the Page, then unfollow it, just to be able to say that you did actually “like” the Page? Or do you just save everyone the trouble and not “like” it in the first place?

What think?

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